When Purchase Life Insurance Avoid This 3 Don'ts

Purchase life insurance quotes don’t always come cheap. That’s because life insurance companies are taking a gamble when they decide to insure your life and, like all gamblers, insurers or life insurance broker need to know how much of a risk they are taking when deciding whether or not your life is a safe bet.

With high insurance premiums, it can be tempting to be “economical” with the truth or just to downright lie as you fill out your policy form. However, omitting the full truth either by choice or ignorance can lead to your policy being declared void, which leaves those left behind with nothing, even if you have continued to make your monthly payments. Truth is always the best policy, so here are 3 top “don’ts” that you should bear in mind.

Don’t be coy about your age

Age is a determining factor when it comes to life insurance quotes, as the older you get, the more your premium or life insurance prices is going to go up. Your age is an easy thing for insurers to check once a claim is made using information from your birth certificate. If the age on your policy doesn’t match that on your other documentation, then your policy is nullified. As incredible as it sounds, some people lie to insurance companies for no other reason than vanity – it simply isn’t worth the risk.

Don’t lie about your health

There are certain health factors that contribute to your lifestyle which will affect life insurance quotes . If you are a smoker for instance or if you have smoked before, then you must declare this to the insurance company. Smoking is a recognised danger to your health and will push your premium up. By not declaring to the insurance company that you smoke, you are in fact committing fraud, which is a sure-fire way to not receiving a payout after your death. Similarly, be honest about the number of units of alcohol you consume in an average week and the amount of exercise you do. No medical life insurance is almost hard to find especially if you want to purchase a senior life insurance.

Don’t be ignorant of family health history

Ignorance is not an excuse for giving false information about health problems in your family’s history. Take the time to research your family tree properly for as many generations as you can and see if there are any hereditary illnesses. Assuming the best is not a smart thing to do with health problems, and could lead to your insurer refusing to pay for a claim. Make sure you tell all your family health to your life insurance broker or agent.


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