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There are two types of life insurances, Term life insurance and Whole life insurance. People normally prefer term life insurance. You must give a careful thought before going in for insurance because it should specifically cater for your unique needs and your financial capability.

Term Life Insurance- The Economic Insurance Option
Term life insurance is cheaper than other type of insurance plans. It can be purchased for a certain number of years, which is usually 7 to 10 years. The premiums of such insurance plans can be low if you are young, you are a non smoker and in good health for which the insurance
company will make you undertake a medical examination. This type of insurance is also useful in case you are suffering from an illness for a certain period of time. It can be renewed and is best suited for people who have temporary/short term needs; people who are just beginning their career and do not have enough finances with and for those people who are likely to have changes in their insurance needs in the future. The other advantages are that term life insurance is non taxable and has the option of being converted into whole life insurance thus giving you the option to choose the policy based upon your changing needs.

Besides the given advantages, term life insurance has some pitfalls which you must guard yourself against when you purchase the insurance. Term life insurance does not build any cash value, the premiums you pay go directly to keep your insurance effective and nothing else. The policy can expire without maturity and the insured amount is payable only if the insurance has been kept effective by regular payment of premiums. The policy lapses at the end of the term unless renewed. Every time the policy is renewed there is an increase in the premium amount and the amount of premium to be paid depends at what age the insurance is being renewed.

Since there are number insurance policies available, there is always a possibility of missing out the correct type of policy which suits your requirements and can be purchased at low rates. Though term life insurance is cheap at the beginning but it becomes costlier as the insurer ages. The best way out is to have the insurance for a longer period of time though you may be paying a slightly higher premium in the long run. Most people look at term life insurance from a safety point of view and would like to see their money going towards the needs of their spouse and children.
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